Monthly Watercolor Subscription

Monthly Watercolor Subscription..

We make it so easy to get started created beautiful watercolor paintings every month as you discover different colors and brands of professional watercolor. 

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This premium service is offered to artist who would love to explore the world of professional Watercolor.

The monthly watercolor subscription service inspires your painting, with fresh new colors and a painting challenge delivered to your door.

How to cancel your subscription:

We do make these to order so refunds are not possible once your monthly subscription is paid but you can cancel your membership at any time prior to your monthly charge. Just log in and click cancel subscription before the payment date. You will also receive a monthly email letting you know that the monthly payment is due giving you time to cancel prior to the order being placed but once the subscription is charged a refund is not possible for that particular monthly shipment. Thank you for your understanding. 

Coming up in our March Delivery..

Each delivery brings you new paint to explore arranged in a perfectly themed palette created by Watercolor Artist and Instructor Jacqueline Jax.

Inside the March subscription is a brilliant palette of bright botanical Colors. We will be painting tulips in this months challenge while we learn about the bold paints from Italian handmade brand Maimeriblu and a beautiful Handmade Honey Watercolor Vintage Monet Green by Jax Watercolor. 

Each new signup package includes a palette of Watercolor, travel tin, Watercolor brush and Watercolor paper. Instructions and printed sheets to paint plus video tutorials. 

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Previous subscription:

Inside the February package you'll find a monthly painting challenge (Cherry Blossoms) and a video tutorial showing you how to paint the challenge with that watercolor set. 

1st subscriptions include: a professional quality Watercolor brush, 1 Curated Paint Sampler of the Cherry Blossom Theme Set, Watercolor paper, Watercolor lesson and a Watercolor travel sized paint box to store your set in and take it anywhere with you. Plus a bonus surprise for All Subscribers. 

**You'll be inspired every month with a new set of colors and a valuable watercolor lesson to get you painting beautiful artwork right away. 

Plus 20% off all other paint and paper supplies from our art store can be added to your delivery. 

** This is also great for painting parties and gifts... 

This is a really fun thing to be part of with a community of over 50,000 artists enjoying the painting challenges and samplers. ....

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Other Subscription options.. 


Monthly Advent Calendar Watercolor Subscription

a monthly calendar of paint so you get 30 colors each month, Arches and Fabriano paper in 8" sheets and a watercolor brush on the first subscription. Plus Challenge card- Plus various gifts. It's alot of paint.

if you are obsessed with watercolor and looking to try tons of colors both from Professional brands like Schmincke, Sennelier, MaimeriBlu, Daniel Smith, White Nights, Mission Gold, Michael Harding, Isaro and Jax Handmade Honey Watercolor.
Plus an upgraded Paper Sampler: 5 x 7" 100% watercolor papers from top brands like Arches, Fabriano, Handmade Virgin Cotton, Antique Watercolor papers, Toned Watercolor Papers.

UPGRADED SUBSCRIPTION Sign up Advent Paint Calander here:   Monthly Advent Calendar Watercolor Subscription

Monthly Watercolor Subscription

If you spend money on watercolor supplies each month why not try my subscription service and save? We pick a fresh palette of 6 colors to learn about each month, try them out and share our thoughts before buying a big expensive tube of the colors.

The monthly watercolor subscription service inspires your painting, with fresh new colors, delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. The membership can be paused if needed, and the colour palette will be announced before your order ships.

Plus subscribers save 20% on watercolor purchases and supplies

*Subscribers get free shipping on all order including international shipping.

SIGNUP: United States, Canada & International

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