Collection: Art Prints and Original Sketches

The magic of watercolor collectors original sketches and prints by artist Jacqueline Jax are now available. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, she has not only left her mark on the art world but has also achieved international success through her creations. 

Jacqueline is a traditionalist when it comes to her technique but often surprises even the most modern enthusiasts with her unapologetic use of strange textures and tools not typically seen in a watercolor painting. 

“Watercolor can create a wide range of effects, from soft gradients to bold textures and everything in between. It’s the in-between that fascinates me. I love those unexpected accidents that happen when I set fear aside and stop thinking about what my art should look like. Throwing those rules away is what makes an artist journey so much more interesting.”  Jacqueline Jax 

Two Hearts, One Mission with Paint 4 Paws

Jacqueline believes that two hearts are better than one when it comes to making a difference in the lives of rescue animals. She invites you to join her in supporting this noble cause. By purchasing her original watercolor sketches or art prints, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of artwork but also directly contributing to the rehabilitation of an animal who has suffered from tragic circumstances. Through this collaborative effort, the Paint 4 Paws project aims to provide these animals with a chance at a brighter future.