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Jax Watercolor

Original Artist Watercolor Sketches

Original Artist Watercolor Sketches

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Original Art

Paint 4 Paws is the name of my foundation so every time you purchase an art print or an original piece of artwork from me 30% goes to saving animals that need our help. I personally deliver the funds or supplies on a per need basis to make sure all the funds raised are helping a specific  animal in the best way possible. Typically an animal found is in need of emergency care, that where the funds are donated in the moment. That’s where we can help the most. I just want to make a difference so I’m hoping you will join me  two hearts are even better than one.

Exquisite original artist watercolor sketches by Jacqueline Jax.

Now you can own a piece of original art work while supporting an artist. 

These stunning designs are original art from the Watercolor journals of the artist. Enjoy playful details and beautiful color palettes each with its own personality on archival quality 100% cotton Watercolor paper.

Each painting is an original timeless and sophisticated piece of art that will turn your walls into a conversational exhibit. They are an wonderful addition to any home or office space.

These watercolor sketches will lend a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

each sketch is 8” x 6” created in professional Watercolor with a high lightfast rating on deckled edge vintage Watercolor paper.

*each painting comes with a piece of mulberry paper that can be framed along with the painting. *painting does not include frame but fits nicely in a standard frame area as shown in photo. Frame in picture with border is 12 1/2” x 11 1/2” inside of frame is 8x10. 

Come back to this listing regularly for more selections. One of a kind. 

each art piece comes wrapped in protective, covering, signed by the artist, and numbered by the year. Example sketch #123 of 2023 

prints also available 


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