Olive Leaf | A Green with Spectacular Watercolor Beauty

Olive Leaf | A Green with Spectacular Watercolor Beauty

Jax Handmade Honey Watercolor : Olive Leaf

Exploring the World of Watercolor Pigments

Welcome to the watercolor blog where we chat all about pigments and finding the very best quality watercolors for artists. We are on a colorful journey through the fascinating world greens. Today we will be diving deep into the captivating new arrival to the Jax Handmade Honey Watercolor collection called Olive Leaf.

Get ready to discover the magic behind this remarkable pigments!

A Green with Spectacular Beauty

When a heavily granulating pigment meets one of the most vibrant yellows known to the pigment world, the result is nothing short of spectacular. Bismuth Yellow PY184 provides the high tinting strength of a Cadmium Yellow Lemon, but with more transparency and its non-toxic.

Bismuth Yellow PY184 was first developed by the pigment industry in the late 1990s. It is a bright and transparent yellow pigment that offers excellent lightfastness and heat stability. Being an inorganic pigment, it is known for its high tinting strength and resistance to chemicals.

This unique pigment holds its ground even when pitted against the cool, dark phthalo greens and blues, making it an excellent choice for artists seeking versatility and compatibility with other colors in their palette. Add a touch of Pthalo blue and watch this color take an unusual turn into a vibrant depth you’ve never experienced.

Underneath a blanket of deep and velvety black (PBK11- Mars Black), Bismuth Yellow PY184 is not only visually stunning but also stands as a safer alternative to traditionally toxic pigments such as cadmium yellow, chrome yellow, and lead-tin yellow. As a non-toxic option, it opens up new possibilities for artists to explore bright, vibrant yellows without compromising their health.

With its buttery feel under the brush, Olive Leaf delivers a rich and luminous quality with a punch of yellow peaking out from behind the deep granulation.. This unexpected combination of brilliance and earthiness provides a delightful surprise with every stroke of the brush.

Jax Handmade Honey Watercolor created a gorgeous new hue carefully melting these two unlikely pigment partners into one glorious green that you’ll never forget. Try Olive leaf- just released.

Join us next time as we continue our journey into the vibrant and captivating world of pigments. Until then, keep painting and let the colors guide your creativity.

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