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Jax Handmade Honeys Watercolors

Jax Handmade Honeys Watercolors

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Jax Handmade Honeys watercolor is created and released in limited quantities each month. We restock our shop every month with our latest production. The inventory typically sells out within days of all new colors, so to ensure you don’t miss out we recommend becoming a subscriber and checking back to this page towards the end of each month. 

Watercolor painting is a captivating art form that has been cherished for centuries. The delicate washes, vibrant hues, and ethereal effects achieved with watercolor have made it a favorite among artists and art enthusiasts alike. One artist who has delved deep into the world of watercolor pigments is Jacqueline Jax, a renowned watercolorist and the creator of her own fine watercolor paint collection.

Each color is hand-mixed by the artist from premium quality pigments and is a custom mix that the artist Jacqueline Jax uses in her own art work. No fillers, No additives, no brighteners and no synthetic ingredients in her binders. Each pigment has its own unique characteristics, such as transparency, granulation, and lightfastness.

My watercolor are highly pigmented with a ratio of one to one pigment to binder free of additives and fillers with an excellent lightfastness. I do not use fillers to bulk my watercolor. Just 100% pure  pigment and an all natural binder. 

The binder I use is a traditional recipe of refined organic raw pigments sourced from rare pigment companies, quarries and 100 year aged earth sources in Italy, France and Spain, gum arabic from the acacia senegal tree, distilled filtered water, local organic honey from Canada and essential oils such as Clove oil to preserve the paint in warmer conditions. 

Gum acacia (Acacia senegal), native to the Sudan region in Africa and Is the source of the Gum Arabic used in my binder. 

**Build your own palette: Free Tin is included on 6 or more colors.

Subscribers receive 20% off and free shipping on all watercolor with code: (subscribe)

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