Why PB29 is Essential in Any Watercolor Palette

Why PB29 is Essential in Any Watercolor Palette

The Significance of Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine is a deep blue color pigment with a rich historical background used in the 18th century. The pigment was originally made by grinding lapis lazuli into a powder.

Lapis is a beautiful rock; an aggregate of several minerals, mainly lazurite, calcite, and pyrite.

The Value of ultramarine is ten times more expensive than the stone it comes from and as expensive as gold but can often be found in any watercolor line both in pure pigment with no fillers and some with talc included to lower the cost. It’s important to choose a high quality version of this watercolor to see the full powerful hue in its true glory.

Historical Significance

- Ultramarine has been used since the 18th century by famous artists all over the world for its unique properties and brilliant intense color.

  • Found in Egyptian tomb paintings.

  • Used by renowned artists such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo Buonarotti.

  • Ultramarine is a blue pigment consisting of a double silicate of aluminum and sodium with sulfide, occurring naturally as a component of lapis lazuli.

Introducing Handmade Honeys Watercolor PB29

I recently released my Ultramarine PB29 Handmade Honeys watercolor sold in my website JaxWatercolor.com .

The stand out qualities of this new Ultramarine Release

  • Double the pigment load compared to other ultramarines.

  • High level of granulation for unique textural effects.

  • Rich in color packs a powerful punch of color with violet undertones, yet washes to a smooth, transparent tone easily.

  • Hand mulled and blended for a smooth feel with local Canadian honey.

  • Quick re-wetting properties, allowing for easy activation.

  • Can be washed with water for transparent washes and layers.

  • Honey component that sets well for travel, making it ideal for artists on the go.

  • Professional watercolor quality that is sure to elevate your artwork.

  • Proudly available on the Jax Watercolor website.

Pigment PB29 Ultramarine is an essential addition to any watercolor palette. Its rich history, unique characteristics, and exceptional quality make it a must-have for artists looking to enhance their creations. Visit the Jax Watercolor website to explore this beautiful new version of Ultramarine PB29 and unleash your creativity with this exceptional pigment.


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