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M Graham 5 SeaScape Palette Watercolor Set

M Graham 5 SeaScape Palette Watercolor Set

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Now you don’t need to worry about which Colors to choose. I’ve arranged a special Watercolor palette including 5 of my favourite M Graham Watercolors.

These paints are all premium grade professional Watercolor  they work well together for unlimited mixing possibilities. You will really enjoy painting with them.  

Package includes:

- 5 Sampler M Graham watercolor paints

- Dot card of additional samples to try

- 1 Watercolor Paint Seascape Challenge card 

- 1 instructional video demo showing you how to paint this beautiful seascape


What’s in the paint? 

Using only the highest-quality natural gums, water-soluble resins, and pigments which is reflected in this superior blend of vibrant watercolours. 

Pure honey is used to keep the paint moist and fluid. 
A key ingredient in these artists' watercolours is Kordofan Gum arabic from the arid zones south of the Sahara. Gum arabic as binder and natural oxgall as traditional wetting agent is a combination that created dreamy creamy Watercolor typically only available in tubes. 


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