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Jax Watercolor

Artist Watercolor Challenge Cards

Artist Watercolor Challenge Cards

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Bring out your creative side with Artist Watercolor Challenge Cards! Our cards come with professional watercolor so you can create your own unique version and enter to win a $25 gift card! Unleash your inner artist and bring your painting to life. Surprise yourself with what you can create!

Learn to paint 3 new designs on the practice sheet then transfer the design to a larger sheet and paint a masterpiece. 

Each painting challenge card packet comes with 3 designs on professional Watercolor paper and includes professional quality paint. The cards are hand printed using waterproof archival ink so you can see the patterns easily even after painting for transfers and tracing. Once you get the style, you can trace the image using tracing paper a light box or projection... or copy the drawing by eye for practice freehanding the designs. 

Instructional video is also included. 

You can also trace the design on to your own paper for additional practice. Then share your painting with our Facebook group for our monthly giveaways. 

Great to do with friends or as a gift idea for someone who loves to paint. 

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