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Autumn Set of Eight

Autumn Set of Eight

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This Autumn Set of Eight is a very beautiful arrangement of colors. This month I've made a few changes..

This set now features a gorgeous Purple Resin Mixing Palette with gold painted trim. It's a beautiful mixing surface to keep the paints smooth while you blend your own beautiful fall greens and golds.

This is a high quality watercolor set that does also include a tin for storage and carry.  

From vibrant greens, yellows, reds, and oranges, this set provides a versatile range of colors to capture the beauty of the outdoors. Paint the changing of the leaves. Perfect for artists of all skill levels, this set is guaranteed to provide a colorful and inspiring experience.

Y ochre, Venetian Red, Goddess Green, Peacock, Tang, Poppy, Shadow Violet, Transparent Cerulean 

Set Included 

  • Choose from 8 Half Pans or *NEW now available in 8 Quarter Pans of fine quality Watercolor
  • Decorative Tin Palette fitting the set
  • Amethyst Gold Resin Mixing Palette
  • 2 Sheets of 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor swatch card for palette
  • Dot card of 6 additional fresh paint samples to try 
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