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Blue Flower Handmade Watercolor Trio - Limited Edition Set

Blue Flower Handmade Watercolor Trio - Limited Edition Set

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This gorgeous trio contains three of the most stunning handmade blue watercolors. 

these sets have just been handmade in the studio and will take some time to dry so make your purchase now and I will send them as soon as they are ready  

In the language of flowers and color symbolism, blue represents serenity, tranquility, intelligence, and spirituality. Blue flowers evoke feelings of calmness and peacefulness and can promote relaxation and contentment. Nature is always an inspiration to me and it's from that glorious show that I mixed up three fabulous new juicy watercolors. 

Hyacinth :
an intense blue violet with granulating texture that helps to show off the depths of the violets while giving you the ability to create a light blue wash. Lights and darks in one paint color. 

- Forget Me Nots:
I just adore these precious little flowers that are always dancing. These are like fairy flowers that lift the soul. The watercolor not only paints these flowers perfectly, this color paints a beautiful sky. 

- Blue Hydrangea-
One of my favorite flowers. Hydrangeas are charming and joyous with their fluffy bouquet and stunning blue color. This paint color gives you a range of blues to paint these flowers but with a granulating grey undertone that provides you with shadows. All in one lovely color.

Whether you are creating a painting to stage a peaceful oasis in your home or sending a thoughtful gift to a loved one, blue flowers can convey a sense of tranquility and bring a refreshing touch to any environment. Every time you paint with this set, you'll be bringing that feeling along with you. 

*Set comes in a blue flower tin with a 100% cotton Watercolor Paper sampler pack. 


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