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Candy Metallic Macarons Set of 6

Candy Metallic Macarons Set of 6

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This Candy Metallic Macarons Set of 6 will bring all the sparkle you need to your art projects. The set includes 6 glistening watercolors each in its own Macaron candy container to add to the fun. Perfect for teaching kids and grandkids the joy of painting, and also for adding shimmer to greeting cards or highlighting lettering. The paint also makes a lovely shimmery glaze when used over a solid watercolor.

These metallics are just like schminckes transparent gold. They dance when wet and dry with a very shimmery finish. 

Packaged with pretty 3d flower stickers to add a third dimension to your painting. 

Candy Color Metallic Watercolors:

Lemon Drops, Tangerine, Peachy Keen, Pistachio, Strawberry Blush, Mint Julep


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