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Earth Landscape Watercolor Palette

Earth Landscape Watercolor Palette

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Introducing the Earth Landscape Watercolor Palette by Jax Watercolor.  This 5 color set by Jax Handmade Watercolor is perfect for abstract and earthy landscape paintings.
Made with powerful pigments and honey-based formula, it offers professional-grade quality with no additives, fillers or brighteners.

Elevate your art with this exquisite palette of earthy pigments like fine French ochres and iron oxides from France and Italy ground from 100 year aged stones and precious earth. 

each pigment is carefully sifted and ground fine for clarity and purity. All pigments are 5 of 5 star lightfast ratings with organic binder hand made and mulled to achieve beautiful professional grade artist Watercolor paints  

Jax Watercolor is packed with more pigment than any other brand and is designed by an artist for artists. Once you try her paint, you’ll be spoiled.

- Quarter pan in tin (2.5 ml each pan) 

- half pans in tin (4ml each pan)

-Full Pans in tin (6ml each pan) 

Unlock your creative potential with this magical palette. Works best with cotton Watercolor paper. 
pair your palettes with paper from our fine Watercolor paper selections  

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