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Granulating Watercolor Palette

Granulating Watercolor Palette

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Experience the captivating beauty of granulating watercolor with this palette of professional grade paints.

White Nights Granulating Watercolors: this palette offers stunning effects as the pigments move and blend when exposed to water. Special additives enhance the movement of pigment particles, creating unique artwork in both wet and dried work. Unlock your creative potential with this magical palette.

 Aqua Marine, chromium Cobalt Mist, Taiga Mist, Hematite Mist, Grey rose Mist, dark blue shadows 

- The quarter pan set of 6 : Special Order takes 2 weeks to dry

- Half Pan Granulating Set of 6 : in stock

- Full Pan Granulating Set of 6 : Special order takes 6 weeks to dry

Looking for a Class on Granulating Watercolor? Learn everything you need to know to paint with Granulating Watercolor  :

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