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Jax Watercolor

Jax Mystic Set of 5 Handmade Watercolors

Jax Mystic Set of 5 Handmade Watercolors

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Now you don’t need to worry about which Colors to choose. I’ve arranged a special Watercolor palette including 5 of my newest Handmade Watercolors.

These paints are all premium grade professional Watercolor they work well together and are granulating Colors. You will really enjoy painting with them.  

no fillers, no brighteners nor synthetic properties  honey, gum Arabic, Clove oil and distilled water  

Package includes:

- 5 Sampler Jax Watercolor paints

- Dot card of additional samples to try

- 1 Watercolor Challenge card on watercolor paper

- 1 instructional video demo showing you how to use the Colors  


What’s in the paint? 

Using only the highest-quality natural Arabic gums, honey and pigments which is reflected in this superior blend of vibrant watercolours. 

Pure honey is used to keep the paint moist and fluid. 
A key ingredient in these artists' watercolours is Kordofan Gum arabic from the arid zones south of the Sahara. Gum arabic as binder and clove oil as traditional antifungal agent is a combination that created dreamy creamy Watercolor only available in limited special edition sets  


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