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Mini Travel Paint Sets

Mini Travel Paint Sets

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Mini Travel Palettes with 12 paints

Keep this adorable little palette in your pocket to paint anywhere while you discover new colors. Your choice… Botanical, Landscape, Basic Mixing Palette or Granulating Special Edition set of 12 professional Watercolor in adorable tin with insert wells curated by Jacqueline Jax.

Includes + free dot cards of 6 colors coming up this season in palettes across premium brands: Schmincke : Sennelier: Daniel Smith: Mejello Mission Gold: M Graham : White Nights : MaimeriBlu.

- Swatch card inside palette

- 12 mini well paint palette

- Decorative tin

- Magnetic clip to hold the tin to your sketchbook

This is a special curated set by Jacqueline Jax including all her favorite brands directly from her studio. Hand Poured and unique to each month. Be sure to note that Jacqueline fills these by hand using the fresh paints she is currently featuring in her studio each month so watercolors in the palettes are always unique, lightfast and premium brands. This is a terrific way to try new colors, get inspired and discover the beauty of professional watercolors.

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