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Mission Gold Botanical Mixing Watercolor Palette 18

Mission Gold Botanical Mixing Watercolor Palette 18

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After selling out quickly, I just poured more sets of this palette but they need to dry before shipment. Place your order now, expecting to ship by January 25th. 

There are two beautiful palettes to choose from

1) Botanical Mixing Palette- this palette focuses more on mixing color to create bold botanical art. The possibilities are limitless  

2) Botanical Garden Palette- this palette provides Colors that will bring brilliance to your botanicals. this palette is extended with tons of beautiful greens and brilliant oranges, yellows and violets. 

both are really fun palettes and I recommend getting both for a full travel set of beautiful bold spring Colors easy for beginners to use. 

Discover the stunning layering capabilities of the Mission Gold Botanical Watercolor Palette 18. With 18 vibrant colors, this palette offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful, botanical and landscape artworks. Experience the professional quality of Mission Gold and elevate your watercolor paintings to new heights.

this palette is a great deal offered exclusively to give you a beautiful curated selection of my favourite mission gold Colors. 

The best thing is the adorable tin that you can take anywhere as you explore the wonderful properties of included in this set. 


Unlock your creative potential with this magical palette. Works best with cotton Watercolor paper. 
pair your palettes with paper from our fine Watercolor paper selections  

Looking for a Class on florals in Watercolor? I have 4 options that should cover everything you need. There are two floral classes filled with easy 10 minute step videos. The granulating sketchbook class is lovely with tons of landscapes and fun projects to paint through. . Then the sketchbook journaling for beginners teaches you all about Watercolor and getting started. 

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