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Roman Szmal Sampler Set

Roman Szmal Sampler Set

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Aquarius is a range of artist quality watercolours made by Roman Szmal. The majority of Roman Szmal colours are single pigment paints, which ensures clean mixing and lets artists easily create their own colour palettes.

Each colour is made with high-quality gum arabic and glycerin, linden honey, distilled water and pure pigments. Every pan is hand-filled and labelled with watercolour paper.

Colours are made in small batches that allow them to be carefully checked. Every batch is tested for performance qualities: vibrancy, flowing abilities, viscosity, colour value, transparency, granulation, undertone, tinting strength, clarity, and particle size. For each colour, Roman Szmal select the perfect grind to match the particle size.

This palette contains 4 creamy Roman Szmal paints that mix well to create a wide range of dreamy Colors. 
meet comes with a Watercolor paper swatch card and mixing instructions that help you learn to mix Colors such as sap green, autumn orange and violet. 

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