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Schmincke Granulating Cobalt Crazy Samplers

Schmincke Granulating Cobalt Crazy Samplers

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This magical granulating sampler from Schmincke is now available.  

If you are curious about the versatility and beauty of granulating Watercolor, this is a very affordable way to give it a try and discover some of my favorite Colors from their line as well.

I have created this palette for its special mixing qualities so you can have fun creating special blue, green and violet granulating mixes  

Mini Sampler or Quarter Pan Sets available. 

tip: a little goes a long way. Wet your Watercolor and slide a round brush over the top of the pan. Place color in a ceramic mixing palette to let the water and paint come together more evenly in the brush. Then paint with light strokes. The magic happens in the last 5 minutes of dry time so don’t over layer these paints or you will miss the show. Light washed to medium washes recommended to show off all the lovely Colors and textures in the paints. If the paint appears opaque in your paper, you’ve used too much paint. Take a damp clean brush and gentle wipe away the top layer to see what’s under. 

Happy Painting. 

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