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Schmincke - HORADAM AQUARELL paint box with 24 finest watercolours

Schmincke - HORADAM AQUARELL paint box with 24 finest watercolours

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Now you don’t need to worry about which Colors to choose. This traditional palette by Schmincke includes 24 of their finest selections of Watercolors. This palette has a wonderful range that covers botanical, landscape and urban Watercolor subjects perfectly  there is a nice range of mixing single pigments and lovely distinctive features paints such as Mauve, Mountain Blue, Madder Red dark, permanent rose and sap green.

These paints are all premium grade professional Watercolor  they work well together for unlimited mixing possibilities. You will really enjoy painting with them as this is the top of the line in Watercolor paint   

What’s in the paint? 

Using only the highest-quality natural gums, water-soluble resins, and pigments which is reflected in this superior blend of vibrant watercolours. 

A key ingredient in these artists' watercolours is Kordofan Gum arabic from the arid zones south of the Sahara. Gum arabic as binder and natural oxgall as traditional wetting agent is a combination that created dreamy creamy Watercolor typically only available in tubes. 


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