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Jax Watercolor

Synthetic Mop Watercolor Quill Brushes

Synthetic Mop Watercolor Quill Brushes

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I personally approve these brushes for use with watercolour.

We just got a new brush in that is super easy for beginners to use who want a nice quality wash brush with a thinner tip.  Give it a try. Really inexpensive and great quality brush. 

The best part is that it has a lot of snap so it is giving you a lot more control as a beginner and all of the sizes have a nice point that is bullet proof. You can layer very well, draw, paint leaves and stems. Also great for flower details even as a wash brush. 

  • Range of sizes to meet different creative needs, from large even washes to fine lines and details. Ideal for loose abstract watercolor painting, mop and wash techniques, wide swatches, wet into wet blends, broad strokes, and small details. Whatever your skill levels, you'll love what you can accomplish with this versatile watercolor paint brush set.


  • PREMIUM PAINT BRUSHES WITH SYNTHETIC SQUIRREL HAIR: These paint brushes are made with innovative high-quality synthetic hair that performs like natural squirrel and holds a reservoir of water. Soft and flexible synthetic squirrel bristles have great liquid holding capacity and ensure smooth paint flow. Whether you're an amateur or a professional painter, our brushes' good spring and point-forming ability offer better control, enabling you to create intricate details with ease.


  • CAREFULLY HANDCRAFTED FROM QUALITY MATERIALS: Each brush is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring consistent quality and precision. The brush features ferrules with four deep crimps that compress the ferrule walls into the wooden handle, creating a mechanical lock that securely fastens both the ferrule and hair to the handle. This design ensures excellent liquid holding capacity for a smooth and consistent flow of paint.

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pick up a set of angular flat brushes with your brush order and receive a free mixing palette  

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