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Fabriano 100% Cotton Watercolor Leather Travel 40 Page Pocket Sketchbook

Fabriano 100% Cotton Watercolor Leather Travel 40 Page Pocket Sketchbook

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Pastel Pink,  Baby Blue or Buff Leather 100% cotton Fabriano Accordion Sketchbook. This is such a luxury for the artist who has everything. This travel sized sketchbook is perfect to go everywhere with you.

 all sketchbooks include a gold book clip

size 5” x 6” Buff :  40 pages.. 

size 4” x 5” Pink or Blue : 40 pages 

accordion style sketchbook opens horizontally for never ending painting surfaces  

The ultimate watercolor artists swatch book kit is the answer to that question. How do I keep track of all my watercolors and how do I remember what mixes go well together? 

This pocket-sized watercolor swatch book, made of archival-quality 100% cotton 300gsm paper is perfect to keep your watercolor swatches, favourite mixes and tips right by your side.

Its small convenient accordion design allows you to paint on two sides and lay flat for full view while the cover ensures a clean and intact book. You can stand it up in front of you while you paint and the small profile is perfect for even small art tables.

This is a little swatch book I originally made for myself to keep my watercolor swatches and laborite mixes on hand with me at all times. I love the size and design of it. 

Watercolors look so much better on this paper and I love how it really allows the granulation to come alive. I never miss the beautiful variations that you a god quality paper and paint offer. 

The paper is archive quality deckled edge 100% cotton 300gsm. So paintable on both sides and can hold plenty of water if you want to do very washy swatches or wet on wet techniques in the book.

The cover is just decorative to keep it clean but it’s super functional and you can slide the cover off to lay it flat if you want to paint it that way or view all the pages at once in a completed book. 

Every season I make 4 different print covers so you can keep them straight if you decide to get more than one book.


1 sketchbook 

1 Instruction video

Swatch card template sheet that shows you 4 ways you can use the book. Two are mixing cards style layouts and two are swatch layouts mapping out how I organize my swatch book. 


  • I use these to swatch my Colors out as a detailed log
  • I make notes on my mixes so I never forget a great combination
  • Organize different books for themes like swatches, color palettes, mixes and techniques to remember. 

  • ready to ship!! 
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