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White Nights

White Nights Granulating Watercolor Pans

White Nights Granulating Watercolor Pans

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Experience unsurpassed pigment movement and effects with this series of White Nights paints. Each of the 15 Granulating shades contains a unique blend of two to three pigments with different sizes and specific gravities. These paints create mesmerizing patterns in wet and dried works due to the special additives that stabilize pigment lamination. Perfect for artistic expression and exploration!

Each paint is lightfast and high quality professional paint. 

Available in

Quarter pans= 1.5ml

Half Pans = 2ml

Full Pans = 3.5ml 

All my pans are hand poured from brand new tubes so this is fresh paint guaranteed. Thus they can be more sticky when they arrive. Each pan is dried over 3-4 weeks and poured in layers but will still experience a little shrinkage in transport.   Excellent quality- 100% pure. 

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