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Winter Berry Limited Edition Watercolor Set

Winter Berry Limited Edition Watercolor Set

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This limited edition, handmade, watercolor set in Winter Berry Colors is a very beautiful arrangement of colors. This set celebrates the season with warmth and beauty by offering gorgeous velvety rose based Colors that separate gently revealing surprises and granulation when water is added  

The Winter Berry special edition is made with loving hands to bring a few special artists joy and inspiration in there painting. 

This is a high quality watercolor set that does also include your choice of a tin for storage or wooden Box filled with extra pans. 

The paint is made with local honey, Schmincke Binder and earth pigment materials sourced from around the world.

All Sets Include: 

  • Choose from 5 Pans of hand made fine quality Honey Watercolor. 
  • Decorative Tin Palette fitting the set
  • or a Schmincke Engraved wooden heirloom box with the Full pan set.
  • 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper sampler
  • Watercolor swatch card for palette
  • Paint samples to try additional Colors 

available in 

- Quarter pans set : 5 quarter pans of limited edition Winter Berry granulating Colors with tin swatch cards and paper sampler  

- Half pan set : 5 large Full pans of paint with a Watercolor tin, swatch cards and paper sampler

- Full pan set : 5 X-Large full pans + plus schmincke heirloom wood box filled with extra full and half pans plus Sable pointed round Watercolor paint brush. 

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