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Jax Handmade Honey Pots Watercolors

Jax Handmade Honey Pots Watercolors

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Handmade Honey Pots 🍯

I am proud to introduce my new line of Handmade Honeys, a collection of exquisite watercolors crafted with precision and care. (by Jacqueline Jax)

At Jax Watercolor, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials to bring your artistic vision to life. That's why I madd this paint from my studio available to you. This is my own treasured recipe developed over decades of artistic journeys through paint  

This new collection includes Handmade Honeys  Honey-Pots available in this listing and Handmade Honeys pans available ( here )

My Watercolor products are meticulously formulated to deliver vibrant, long-lasting colors that will elevate your artwork to new heights with no fillers, no additives and no chemical preservatives. 100% pure pigment, Organic Gum Arabic, Local Canadian Honey, Clove Oil is where is all starts.

Making paint is an art form handed down by families of artists. I learned from my Mother who passed the knowledge down to me in my early training.  

Each pigment is cleaned and milled to a fine powder before being blended with organic premium quality ingredients. The pigment is gently folded into each ingredient separately taking its sweet time to melt into a lush fluffy paste which is then mulled under glass. The mulling process opens the structure to bond the components into what you enjoy as Watercolor. 

Great care is taken during each stage of this process to bring to life a paint that is light and fluffy with a juicy consistency that melts onto the paper. Each candy like color is filled with surprises that reveal themselves with different amounts of water making this an unforgettable experience.

that’s what sets my Watercolor apart from anything else. You don’t need to be a professional artist to make amazing art with my Watercolor, you just have to play with it on 100% cotton paper and watch it develop. It’s that process that inspires the magical artist you were meant to be. 

Let the Watercolor dry and watch as it reveals its true magnificent brilliance that is unique to each artist. This is where you stand apart from all others and I can’t wait to see what you paint with my beautiful happy Handmade honeys . 

What sets the Handmade Honeys line by Jax Watercolor apart is my true commitment to excellence.

I believe that every artist deserves access to professional-grade materials that are dependable, light fast and inspiring. 

As an artist, I understand the joy and inspiration that comes from exploring new colors and techniques.

That's why I am are thrilled to introduce these terrific new Watercolors that travel light in leak proof pots and make watercolor an experience you will never forget.

This unique collection features velvety honey based watercolors that are mostly transparent and lovely to paint with no matter what your skill level. 

The transparent colors offer gorgeous lightfast color ranges that can be used for any watercolor application.

Subscribers receive 20% off all watercolor with code and enjoy free shipping(subscribe)

  • SPECIAL : buy 4+ colors and receive a free travel tin. Empty Watercolor pans (just in case you want to pour some colors into pans) and magnets to take them everywhere with you. plus sheets of 100%cotton Watercolor paper. And a small paint scoop that also can be used as a painting tool to achieve cool textures, tree branches, stems and details while painting. It fits in the tin. 

    - 6 pots fit well in each tin.
  • Buy 6+ colors and you will have the choice of a tin or a Magnetic wooden watercolor palette.
  • Buy 8+ colors: I also have a large size 12 pot pink tin available with a purchase of 8+ honeypots. 
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