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Schmincke Granulating Watercolor Pans

Schmincke Granulating Watercolor Pans

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Hand-poured lightfast Schmincke Granulating Watercolor Pans provide superior vibrance and granulation for your artwork. Available in hand poured quarter, half, and full pans, this professional-grade paint from fresh tubes offers a more robust juicy painting experience than dry pan formulas for the most vivid results. 

All my pans are hand poured from brand new tubes so this is fresh paint guaranteed. Thus they can be more sticky when they arrive. Each pan is dried over 3-4 weeks and poured in layers to accommodate for shrinkage. 

The pans are then swatched for quality on a sheet of 100% cotton paper included in your package and wrapped by hand  in watercolor paper with a swatch of the color on the wrapping. Excellent quality- 100% pure. 

Available in Quarter pans, Half Pans and Full Pans. 

Quarter Pans: 2.5 ml

Half Pans: 3.5 ml 

X-Large Full Pans : 5 ml

*Every pan also includes additional samples to discover more favorites from this link and Jax Handmade watercolors.  

All pans are magnetized to attach securely to your tin palette. 

Create your own palette: pick 6 pans or more and get a free tin


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